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People Interviewed

I interviewed many people for You Can't Fix What You Can't See.
As you can see, it takes a village to write a good book.

Joanne Lipman

Author of That’s What She Said: What Men Need to Know and CNBC Contributor, former Editor in Chief of USA Today

David Smith, PhD Associate Professor of Sociology at Naval War College & Co-Author of Athena Rising

Ruth Chandler Cook

Founder & CEO HireHer

Declan Shalvey

Executive Advisor and Board Member


Jeffrey Tobias Halter

Gender Strategist, Founder YWomen, Author of WHY Women

Myra Strober

Professor Emerita, Stanford University, author of Sharing the Work

Avi Ben-Zeev

Psychology Professor and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Speaker & Researcher

Kim Scott 

Author of Radical Candor

Christine King

Operations Director at Nucleation Capital

Art Kliener

Editor-in-Chief, PwC Global and Strategy + Business, co-Author The Wise Advocate

Kathryn Ullrich

Head of US Diversity Practice at Ogers Berndtson

Julius Pryor III

Chair of the Board of Directors for Healthcare Innovation

Henry Miller

Speaker with Power Passion, and Purpose

Liz Wiseman

Author of Multipliers

Ed Hoffman

Founder Knowledge Strategies, LLC; Senior Lecturer on Information & Knowledge Strategy, Columbia University, former Chief Knowledge Officer of NASA

Lori Eberly

Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker, Co-Author of Fuckery

Marilyn Nagel

Chief Learning Officer of SAMI game, CEO of Watermark, and former Chief Diversity Officer Cisco

Tasha Eurich

Author of Insight

Wendy Hanson

Co-Founder & COO at BetterManager

Jay Pryor

Executive Advisor, Keynote Speaker,Founder Jay Pryor Consulting, LLC

Bill Fitzsimmons

Retired EVP of Regulatory Affairs, Clinical and Research Quality Assurance at Japan-based Pharmaceutical Company Astellas

Sally Thorton

CEO & Founder of Forshay and WorkLabAccelerator, Speaker

Ray Arata

Founder of Better Man Conference, Keynote speaker, Co-Founder Inclusionary Leadership Group

Nilofer Merchant

Speaker and Author of The Power of Onlyness

Crystal Davis

CEO & Principal Lean Practitioner, DisruptHER Coach

Sarah Hedges

5th Grade Teacher and  PhD Physicist

Davida Ewan

Senior Engineer, Pacific Biosciences

Steve Kerr

Author, Speaker, Consultant

Books Referenced

Karen is an avid reader and she really likes to combine the thoughts of others together in a way that paints a cohesive picture. Here are the books she references in You Can't Fix What You Can't See

Thats What She Said.jpg
Why Should Anyone Work Here.jpg
How Women Decide.jpg
The Seven Sins of Memory.jpg
You Just Dont Understand.jpg
The Fate of Gender.jpg
The First Sex.jpg
The Wise Advocate.jpg
Gender Intelligence.jpg
Blue Ocean Shift.jpg
Auschwitz Auschwitz.jpg
The Tell-Tale Brain.jpg
Own It.jpg
Athena Rising.jpg
The Mind and the Brain.gif
The Moment of Lift.jpg
The Power of Onlyness.jpg
Heal Your Mind Rewire Your Brain.jpg
Type R.jpg
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