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Tired of Walking on Eggshells?

Are you tired of walking on eggshells around women?

Not sure what “To Say” not sure what “Not to Say”. Always wondering, is this appropriate? Or the worst, you let your guard down for just a second and wham – out of your mouth comes something not quite formulated right. You know because suddenly you get “the look”. Or worse, two women start interacting, maybe there are eye rolls involved. Then deep down in the pit of your stomach you feel the tightness. You realize you may need to do some back peddling, but often, you’re not sure what exactly went wrong in the first place, so you’re not too sure how to fix it. At this point what you really want to do is run, far far away. But you know that won’t work either, sometimes you regret these moments for weeks. So, now you start getting frustrated and angry. Why can’t women be easy and open to deal with?

I have a New Year’s surprise for you! You don’t have to walk on those eggshells anymore! What’s even better is knowing that women don’t want you to feel that way either. “What’s that, you say?” Seriously, women don’t want you walking on eggshells either. We women really prefer to work around men who can share openly, let their vulnerability show, and offer to engage in deep conversations. Really.

Now, I can see that distrust on your face. Is this a trap? No, really, it’s not. This is the year 2020, the year we all gain crystal clear 20-20 vision. All that is required is a little extra knowledge and you can be on your way to interacting with your co-workers in a more productive and much more comfortable manner. You see, women and men think differently, sometimes very differently. They perceive the world differently including how they interpret what they see. In fact, men and women value things differently; what’s important to each of them is different. We often trip over these differences, especially at work. The funny part is that most of us know this at some level already. Maybe not the specifics, but we understand there are differences. Yet, we continue to apply the rules we know and understand to everyone else. Even when we know they are different. And then we are surprised when our rules don’t work. And frustrated when we do what we think is right and it find it blowing up in our faces.

It’s time to stop being surprised and start using some tools that will allow us to communicate more effectively. No longer do we need to trip over our differences and do that proverbial face plant into the ground. We can all take a more enlightened path.

In my recently released book, You Can’t Fix What You Can’t See: An Eye-Opening Toolkit to Cultivate Gender Harmony in Business, I outline a seven-step model that will allow you to leverage gender differences in the workplace. This model goes well beyond just stopping the pain of interactions gone awry. It gives you the power to capitalize on gender differences in order to improve business performance. These steps can take you and your organization on a journey that will enhance innovation, drive market growth, and get people engaged on the job like never before.

Imagine striking up a conversation and feeling comfortable around women who ...

disagree with you;

have a different vision or direction in mind;

or are emotional.

You now have the power to ditch the eggshell walk. What's more, the tools you'll learn will allow you to leverage gender differences. There is incredible power in these differences once you learn to leverage them. Your teams already have that power, you just need to unleash it. What kind of power, you ask? Innovation starts when you can see with a different perspective. Market growth occurs when your products truly solve urgent and pressing customer issues. Your teams will put forth extra effort when they feel valued, respected, and a critical member of the team.

It's a small investment that will reap tremendous rewards... Ditch the eggshell walk forever!

Click on the Book - to order from Amazon

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