In the past century, women have gained the right to own land, to vote, to have equal access to job listings, to purchase the birth control pill, to get a credit card in their own name, and to fight in combat. However, one thing has remained unchanged: our unequal workplace. But why are so many people blind to the issue?

In You Can’t Fix What You Can’t See, tech guru Karen Cornwell offers a fascinating narrative that explains how we got here and why it's invisible to some. After spending many years in the world of technology, she made a stark discovery: men simply don't “see” the constant battle women are in. But, if they could, they would be determined to help us fix the inequality.

You Can’t Fix What You Can’t See provides a framework to understand some of the key differences between the way men and women think to bring new meaning to your experiences (both past and present). It will give you the power to “see” differently, to interpret actions, behavior, and conversations through a new and more powerful lens. For business owners, it explains how to leverage diversity to drive innovation, boost engagement, and business performance. Find the tools and motivation you need to pursue change so that our next generation inherits a better, more inclusive workplace.

Both Paperback and Ebooks are available, Audio Book - coming soon

Leverage Gender Differences to Drive Innovation

What People Say About the Book

"You Can’t Fix What You Can’t See provides a fresh, insightful look at an increasingly important topic. In a space where uninformed opinions dominate and facts are often scarce, the author supports her ideas with statistics and examples that are relevant, credible, and often fascinating.  The information conveyed in this highly readable book taught me a lot I didn’t know, including some things I knew perfectly well before I read the book -- except, it turns out, I was wrong."

Steve Kerr,

Steve Kerr, Sr. Advisor to Goldman Sachs, former Chief Learning Officer for Goldman and GE and co-founder and Executive Director of the Jack Welch Management Institute

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